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PT. Ridho Sribumi Sejahtera (Banten, Indonesia)

OUR BEGINNING In 1980s our journey began when one had the courage to start his own business. He believes that two is better than one, so he invited his best friend to join the wagon and the journey has been unstoppable. What started as a small business has grown into a company with solid relations with trusted suppliers and loyal customers.Here at Ridho Sribumi Sejahtera, we are striving to provide our customers fresh products from our trusted suppliers around the world. WHAT WE DOWe have been importing agricultural products such as fruits, onions and garlic from trusted suppliers around the world to get the best products for our customers. To meet our customers’ growing demand and market trend and we are swift to add more varieties to our product. With modern storage system and regular control, we maintain our products’ quality in our cold storage until we deliver it to our customers. We provide our customers not only with fresh products but also competitive price first hand. Contact us Name : PT. RIDHO SRIBUMI SEJAHTERA Address : Tangerang, Indonesia Phone : +6221-5500922,24,25,26 Fax : +6221-550923 Mobile : 0878-7268-1500 (temporarily whatsapp is unavailable) Whatsapp : 0878-8989-6509 (temporary whatsapp number) Email :

PT. Ridho Sribumi Sejahtera berpengalaman sebagai importir produk hortikltura khususnya buah segar, bawang bomai, dan bawang putih. Kami menyediakan produk yang berkualitas dari sumber yang terpercaya di seluruh dunia. Silahkan hubungi kami untuk penawaran terbaik.

Tangerang, Banten Tangerang
Banten , Indonesia

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